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[3 May 2012 | No Comment | 174 views]
Dog Training – Dog Crate Training

John Williams Dog Training asked:
A dog crate is a metal and plastic cage for your dog to sleep in or be in while you are away, the crate helps give your dog a secure place to live while in your home and a place to retreat to when things get a bit to hectic as they do in many family homes today.
Crate training is a very popular and effective technique for teaching your dog right from wrong; this method includes teaching rules of eliminating, sleeping arrangements, and keeping your …

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[13 Apr 2012 | No Comment | 95 views]
Dog Obedience Training to Solve Dog Behavior Problems

Nancy Richards asked:
As much as we love dogs, there are times when they can really drive us crazy. Usually this is simply because there are some behavior problems such as barking, begging, and destructiveness. For many, life would be perfect if their dog would curb their behavior problems and really start behaving most of the time. Unfortunately, a dog will never curb his own behaviors and it is up to the owner to take some time for dog obedience training.
Surprisingly, it can be very easy to solve a dog …

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[17 Oct 2011 | No Comment | 192 views]
Dog Training – Easy Dog Tricks

John Williams Dog Training asked:
There are plenty of dog tricks around to choose from but starting off with your first puppy or dog and knowing which dog tricks are easy can be a bit of a challenge. If you have a puppy then training them will be a lot easier than an older dog because of the habits dogs fall into when they are brought up.
Older dogs will have different habits and a strong personality by then so they may find some advanced tricks easier than basic tricks because …