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[27 Jun 2012 | No Comment | 377 views]
How Dog Obedience Can Change Your Life

Terence Young asked:
If you want to change your life, get a puppy! A canine friend will show you affection when you’re discouraged and make you laugh when you feel sad. Almost like having a child, getting a dog entails some responsibility. You need to make provisions for it’s feeding, health care, and safety. In addition to simply providing a shelter from the elements, a critical part of being a good dog owner is providing dog obedience training. A well trained dog will enrich your life in many ways.
Dogs vary …

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[4 Mar 2012 | No Comment | 127 views]
The Bond of Dog Obedience Training

Andrew Bicknell asked:
Getting your dog to understand what you want him do when given certain commands is the purpose behind dog obedience training. It is a communication process between owner and dog that creates a bond that is vital to the safety of the dog, his owner, and those around him.
Dogs are naturally social creatures that in the wild live in packs. When brought into a home a dog becomes a part of the family pack, and just like in the wild there is a natural order to things …