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Housebreaking Your Puppy 101

6 September 2011 475 views No Comment

Housebreaking Your Dog 101A most annoying characteristic of pet dogs is their tendency to answer the calls of nature at any place they feel like, which includes the bedroom rug, Persian carpet, sofa in the drawing room or any such place where the pup can cool his bladders.

If you are the new owner of a pup, be prepared to save your furniture and carpets by using a simple technique called “Housebreaking.”

Just as we human visit the loo to relieve ourselves whenever necessary, we should not expect our pets to be able to withhold themselves when nature calls.  When housebreaking your pet, be sure to keep the following points in mind:

When Nature Calls

No pup can contain itself from relieving itself until it is around 12 weeks old. As a result, you should not begin your attempts to train your dog before this period.

As your puppy grows, most puppies will need to relieve themselves around 6-8 times per day. A dog about to relieve itself tends to follow its tail somewhat slowly, doing giddy rounds around nothing in particular, enough for you to get the cue to take it out.

You should take your dog out after it has had a meal, since this exerts pressure on its bladder and colon.

Communicating With Your Pet During Housebreaking

The first step in housebreaking is to effectively communicate with the dog. Ensure that you get the message across to your dog that you dislike him peeing in the living space. No violence is required; it is enough to say a loud and firm “NO”. For the best results, catch him red-handed so that he can easily relate the reprimand to the action.

Keep watching your pup. If he gives any indication that he would like to relieve himself, take him out immediately. After he relieves himself at the proper place, pat him and show your appreciation since he peed at the right place. Demonstrate it with an appreciative nod or a biscuit.

Loving Housebreaking Made Easy

Dogs are always willing to please you. They do just about anything to be patted or cuddled, and therefore, it is very easy for you to train them as per your convenience. If you want you puppy to pee outside, show your appreciation openly by patting or other gestures and he will repeat it every time. If you want him to relieve himself  in the morning, pat him and he’ll be at it every morning. Build your dog’s routine sensibly by noting his normal defecating or urinating times and train him accordingly.

Effective communication is necessary for the health of your pup, your peace of mind and a clean home.

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