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[13 Sep 2011 | One Comment | 904 views]
Dog Training Collars Explained

An effective way to instill obedience and behavior in your pet is to use training collars. Three chief types of collars are available and they should be utilized properly for obtaining the best results without any harm to your pet.
Slip Collars or Choke Chains
This is probably the most common type of training collar. It design makes it very easy for the trainer or owner to close or release the collar quickly from around the dog’s neck. Dog’s can be taught not to repeat a certain action by closing the chain.
The …

Dog Training Tips, Featured »

[16 Jul 2011 | No Comment | 827 views]
How to Avoid Expensive Dog Training Bills

It is a very interesting fact that dogs from any part of the world, be it England or China, understand the same language. From Chihuahua’s to German Shepherd breeds, all dogs use their voice, body language, and sense of smell to interact with each other and the environment.
Dogs, as we all know, are far more observant of details when compared to humans, not missing even the slightest action like the squinting of an eye or the hair standing on the back of a dog.
Often, dogs with behavioral problems need no training or …

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[30 Jun 2011 | No Comment | 506 views]
Clicker Training Help 101

If you are a new owner trying to train your pet, the clicker training method can prove to be quite useful, more so since it has recently gained popularity among dog trainers throughout the country.  The method consists of utilizing a clicker which is a small plastic box with a metallic button.  It makes a unique clicking sound if the button is pressed.  This technique is easy to implement and even similar to the conventional training method.
Begin by determining what regulations you want to enforce on your dog. Several behaviors …