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[23 Nov 2011 | No Comment | 233 views]
Leash Training – Dog Training

John Williams Dog Training asked:
Leash training or lead training is the discussion of many dog trainers in this modern age and discussions of how to train your dog in the nicest possible way are aplenty. These discussions are brought about by people and dog trainers believing that pulling on the leash to correct a dog’s behavior is causing injury to the dog.
I’m not here to discus this also, but I certainly don’t believe there is anything wrong with leash training if it is done in the correct way and …

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[13 Sep 2011 | One Comment | 904 views]
Dog Training Collars Explained

An effective way to instill obedience and behavior in your pet is to use training collars. Three chief types of collars are available and they should be utilized properly for obtaining the best results without any harm to your pet.
Slip Collars or Choke Chains
This is probably the most common type of training collar. It design makes it very easy for the trainer or owner to close or release the collar quickly from around the dog’s neck. Dog’s can be taught not to repeat a certain action by closing the chain.
The …

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[30 Aug 2011 | No Comment | 460 views]
Should You Use Gadgets to Help Train Your Dog?

Training a dog is a process that every pet owner has to go through. Time has to be utilized properly and efficiently. Dog owners who do not devote time to train their dogs face difficulties later on with distressed neighbors and misconduct of their dogs. It is sensible to get the dog trained as fast as possible.
But how can you accomplish dog training successfully? There are various useful techniques that you can adopt. These various methods exist since each person has a unique opinion regarding the best technique available. You …