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Useful Tips When Training Your Pooch

Dog training, despite looking tough, requires that you know a few basics. The first thing you need to do is establish when training your pooch is to ensure that he understands that you are boss. Secondly, when giving orders, you should talk in tones that ooze superiority, similar to your second grade math teacher. Thirdly, routine is the key to training your dog effectively. Once these three techniques have been mastered, no one can stop you from being a master in the training of dogs!
Set Boundaries
You may feel the need …

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7 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Dog Tricks

Teaching a dog tricks may not at all seem easy, but is nevertheless beneficial for you and your dog. Teaching tricks can, in fact, strengthen your bond with your pet in several ways. Given below are 7 wonderful reasons why you need to teach your pet tricks:

It ensures everyone’s safety: When you teach your dog tricks, you familiarize yourself with several training techniques that can be used to control your dog. Basic tricks which make …

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Dog Obedience Begins With Fulfillment

Xavier Gallery asked:  
Dog obedience training can make you feel like a secret agent, trying to crack an impossible code that leads to your target. It is easy to get frustrated, especially when your dog seems to ignore everything you say. There is in fact a secret code to dog training, but it doesn’t involve any forms of espionage. Rather, your success depends on the environment in which you instruct your four-legged friend. By focusing on your dogs basic needs, you can eliminate distractions and encourage listening.
Here are the four …

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How Dog Obedience Can Change Your Life

Terence Young asked:
If you want to change your life, get a puppy! A canine friend will show you affection when you’re discouraged and make you laugh when you feel sad. Almost like having a child, getting a dog entails some responsibility. You need to make provisions for it’s feeding, health care, and safety. In addition to simply providing a shelter from the elements, a critical part of being a good dog owner is providing dog obedience training. A well trained dog will enrich your life in many ways.
Dogs vary …

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Crate Training for your Puppy

Dy Witt asked:
Teaching your puppy crate training is the first and best step in his life. It makes all the other steps in his training go so much smoother, much like a solid foundation makes for a superior wall. Establishing you as the Alpha member of his “pack” is one very good reason for starting your puppy in a crate when he is very young.
Another reason for crate training is that dogs love predictability. To know what is going to happen in any given situation makes him happy, and …

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Crate Training a Dog or Puppy Can Have Good Results

Andrew Bicknell asked:
Crate training can be one of the best things you do for your new puppy early in his life. There is a misconception that this training method is somewhat cruel but nothing could be farther from the truth. There are many benefits to be had using a crate to train your dog and your four legged friend will be more then happy to be trained this way. It is also easier then many people think.
This can be one of the best methods of potty training a new …